[Guide] How to reset Honda pilot Service oil life indicator Lamp

Honda Pilot Oil Lamp Reset

The oil life indicator is a periodic timer that is used to monitor maintenance servicing schedules on Honda vehicles. 

after every oil change or maintenance, the oil life is expected to be reset to begin another period of servicing count down. oftentimes to have this lamp erased from the dashboard always present some level of difficulties to non-technician this post is meant for a regular cars owners who wish to know some stuffs about this lamp and how to get rid of it after a successful maintenance procedure. 

Honda Service oil life reset

To return the oil life from any level to 100% efficiency is not rocket science it does not requires basic knowledge of how your car works. all you need to do is to follow the procedure available on this page. 

So let's let started, first and foremost, locate the reset knob at the side of the instrument cluster.

Turn your ignition twice to bring the vehicle to life but do not start the car. 

Next press the reset knob to switch between the kilometer reading to the service oil life message. 

When the "Service Oil Life" message comes up press and hold the reset knob for 10 seconds, at this point the message will start blinking. 

Release the reset knob for 3 seconds and press it for another 5 seconds. 

Service Oil Life Reset for Honda

That's it, notice that the oil life has returned to 100%. 

The procedure was quite simple I guess, for a similar procedure for other vehicles, search this blog to dig them up.