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Free PDF File Download | EPUB, MOBI Files

If you are looking for a way to get free electronic books then you have come to the right place, in this post you are going to learn alternative means of getting your desired document, I will be sharing with you some cool sites that regularly update their electronic books database covering almost every area of discipline. it is really cool to pay for books as it will fund the next edition of material, hence we encourage you to only resort to free books only when there is no other option.

E-books have come to stay, just as the invention of paper ushered in a new era of documentation away from tablets and other forms of text storage, in today's world, the information nature of the digital age has made available all manner of information at our fingertip, it's funny that the books currently in my drive could take up my entire room but here I am fitting this enormous amount of information in my pocket, it shows how far technology has brought us, giving us portable books and also a friendly way to access them.

Before we proceed, download and install pocketbook on your device, the app supports a wide range of E-book format, though, this is only a suggestion, as there might be better Apps in the market, however just go for whichever makes you happy.

Some of the supported E-book format include PDF, MOBI, EPUB, PB1, FB2,, fbz, prc, pdb, TXT, HTML, htm, xhtml, CHM, RTF,, DOCX, dock, DJVU, djv, CBZ, cbr, cbt, MP3.

Free Books Download

this is one of my favorite ebook download sites, it offers a maximum of 10 daily download limit for free users. To enjoy unlimited download you have to upgrade your account to the premium version, for those of us who exceed the daily download limit, there is a bookmark option which helps to save entries.
Another important document repository where you can upload and as well download any available file for free, this site is basically for journals and other academic material submission but I found out that people are also uploading rare e-book on the platform, so when next you don't get what you want on google search just visit this site.
This database is absolutely free, it contains lots of material across all discipline, the site features a preview option where you can actually go through the table of content of any book before downloading it to your device, the most interesting thing about pdf drive is that it enjoys regular update.
This is one of the most comprehensive e-book repository you will get online, it's a parent website having a number of sub-domain dedicated to making e-book of all sort available on the internet, the site is well organized with more than one method of searching for a particular document.
This is another place for ebook download, this website offers a lot of PDF files and other books format for free, its collection range from science fiction to programming.
this website shares a large collection of ICT related materials, it gives you the option of choosing from a wide range of authors on the same subject, also the website features engineering and other scientifically related materials.
Bookfi is under the Genlib project, I had to include it because many may not know how to use the parent domain on the first try, this website brings together all the e-book from different discipline in one search bar, the only requirement is to supply either the author or the book name.

Sometimes it's difficult to get a free premium ebook to show up on google search, the reason is that Google is fast to remove any content that is pirated from its search result, so when next google fails on this one, simply switch to and enter the same query to generate a different result.