SpaceX Crew Module Carrying NASA Astronaut docks with Space Station

SpaceX Crew Module about to dock at ISS

SpaceX-NASA crew Dragon (Endeavour) has made it to the international space station making the journey the first of it kind since the beginning of manned space flight.

There had never been a day like this, this joint venture by spaceX and NASA is going down into history as the first successful commercial flight to ever dock at the international space station, it's obvious the industry has entered into another era of space exploration, new doors have been open to star gazers, hopefully few years from now we will look back at this point as the beginning of a new paradigm in space exploration.

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The Falcon 9 rocket was ignited and made it off the launch pad at 3:22 PM ET on may 30th 2020. lifting from Cape, Canaveral, Florida, America. this came after the earlier slated launch delayed due to poor weather condition, minute after liftoff we witnessed the first stage separation the second stage got into orbit 12 minute after launch, and separated from the crew module leaving the dragon crew Capsule and the two astronaut to navigate their way to the international space station.

The journey to the space station took about 19 hours during which the ground base control at spaceX facility was monitoring the health and progress of the Capsule.

SpaceX Docking - First Commercial flight

After many hours of precise navigation it was time for celebration, the astronauts arrived at their destination and docked successfully, this is just another demonstration of expertise by spaceX, having restored Americas pride of launching into space from its native soil the company has found a place in the heart of Americans .

The Lab at the international space station is where Bob Behnken and Doughurley  (astronaut) would be spending the next 16 weeks conducting scientific research, the duo will be joining  Chris Cassidy, Ivanishin and Ivan Vagner who are already resident at the space station.

Space X Dragon Crew module docking

One of the notable feature of this journey is that every thing seems to be automated, it's the first time a manned crew Module is being autonomously docked at the ISS. before now supplies and crew modules upon approaching the ISS were usually grabbed and dragged by a robotic arm into the right position for docking, but that mechanical way of doing things may be coming to an end following this success.

The Dragon Capsule will remain docked at the station until the duo have concluded their mission afterward the same module will navigate them back to reenter earth, in a thermal turbulent flight, until then will be following the mission to report any latest development.