NASA and SpaceX Launch the first commercial space flight in history

SpaceX and Nasa

This is an historic moment, NASA and SpaceX has just made history by launching the first commercial flight into orbit.

Actually this industry had always been dominated my government funded agency but today we are witnessing a shift, I consider this event a great feat for the human race.

On board the dragon endeavour spacecraft are Robert Behnken and Douglas Huley, both astronaut happen to be regular space travelers as this mission is not their first.

You may be wondering why today's launch is such a big deal after all this is not the first time NASA is sending astronaut to orbit, what's really made this one special is that for about a decade now America has launched no man into orbit, the dark age started in 2011 after the space shuttle was retired since then the American space agency has depended on the Russian space agency to send American astronout to the international space station, but today the situation  has change as America now has the technology to launch space flight on American soil once again.

SpaceX and NASA had been in collaboration for years to make this flight possible and today we have just witnessed the result of their team work.

Demo2 Launch

The flight which took off from Kennedy space center was initially scheduled for Wednesday but due to unfavorable whether condition Falcon 9  was rescheduled to lift up on Saturday , and at exactly 3:22 p.m history was made as SpaceX became the first commercially operated crew program to blast into orbit.

SpaceX Commercial flight to ISS

The Falcon 9 is a reusable rocket and will return to a landing pad upon completion of the first stage separation, the crew module will be propelled by a smaller rocket engine until it gets to orbit were the final separation will set in leaving behind the crew capsule to navigate its way to the international space station. 

This flight is very important, it marks the beginning of a new era in space flight, with this development space is no longer a military affair as it is now open to the general public.