Self Driving Cars are here, How ready are we for its security challenge

Technology is currently growing at a speed the world has never seen before; the most interesting part is that this change is prevalent over all sectors of human endeavor, ranging from space, business, health, military to automobile Sector, etc.
These changes are driven by our very human nature of always seeking simplicity and new opportunities out of life, in the Automobile Industry for instance, tremendous progress has been made, I believe none of us today would wish to drive the first four-legged mechanically powered vehicle, still, those cars are the ancestors or call it the foundation of the high tech and comfortable ones on roads today.

Demerit of self driving cars

The Automobile industry is most hit by this technological evolution; a shift from mechanical Engine and Dash Board a couple of decades ago to fully electronics takeover is quite a leap, today we are considering taking humans off the wheel by giving vehicles full Drive Autonomy.

Giving computers the power to decide our fate on the wheel raises new privacy and security concerns.

Like every other new invention, this subject has been the center of concern in recent times, government and policymakers are scrambling to put laws in place to have this new approach to transportation in check, yet they seem to be lagging behind, perhaps the technology is way ahead of its time.

Self-driving cars pose a new threat and security dangers, hence many concern individuals and technology analyst have mixed feelings about this new technology, one instance is the associated security threat, it is evident that with this kind of technology anyone could have Vehicle travel to any destination without his presence, what do you think would happen if theorist and extremist come in contact with such Vehicle?

demerits of self driving cars

Often times we receive news of digital bank robbery, compromised emails, Social Media account hack and other related cyber-attack, these attacks are well planned and targeted at a particular network of interest. A system were every car on the road are connected to a network automatically inherits computer and network security challenge, hence to build a perfect industry new technology should be protected by new technology.

There are endless negative as well as positive instances of vehicle autonomy, it's a normal trend for new technology, especially one that’s about to displace a well-established industry to be criticized. Google, Tesla and Uber have made lots of contribution to actualize vehicle autonomy, though the technology is not perfect at this time yet obviously has a promising future.